Secret 7" 2020
Secret 7" is a fantastic charity project which takes 7 tracks and presses each one 100 times to 7" vinyl. 
Each track then receives it's own unique cover artwork selected from thousands of creative entries. 
This year I was honoured to have one of my cover designs selected for the Foo Fighters track 'This Is A Call.

All 700 singles where then exhibited at the Now Gallery on the Greenwich Peninsula through 
October 2020 before being auctioned online for the charity Help Refugees raising £134,000.
The concept for my selected illustration was based around the B-side of the original release 
of 'This Is A Call' back in 1995, the B-side track was called 'Winnebago'. I also read that 
Dave Grohl had travelled round Ireland on honeymoon in the summer of 94 in a camper van, 
also recovering from the death of Kurt Cobain and the end of Nirvana. Which lead to 
sunset/sunrise graphic on the side of the van to hopefully communicate not only the sun 
setting on Nirvana but also new beginnings ahead and the sun rising for the Foo Fighters.

Below are a couple of other ideas I had for the track which didn't make the cut. 
Above photography from the exhibition and billboard promotional sights.
Photography provided by Secret 7"

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